Highlights of the Museum's Collection

LITCHFIELD'S ALMOST 300 years of growth and change are reflected through the permanent collection, which contains material related to local families, homes, businesses and institutions. Objects in the Society's collection include furniture, paintings, textiles, toys, ceramics, trade signs, and other fine and decorative arts. The collection includes objects that date from the founding of the town in 1719 to the present day. Learn more about the scope of the collections.

Furniture and Decorative Arts

Including items produced by local craftsmen.

Early Trade and Tavern Signs

From shops and other businesses.

Household Textiles

Pockets, sewing rolls and needlecases, quilts and coverlets, woven bedspreads, needlework, homespun blankets and 18th century bed hangings.

Costume (8 more)

Clothing made or worn in Litchfield.

Personal Accessories

Hair ornaments, gloves, fans, hats, shoes, parasols, umbrellas, canes, walking sticks. Also, jewelry, particularly hair mementoes and mourning jewelry.

Household and Utilitarian Goods (2 more)

Redware made by Goshen potter Hervey Brooks, American silver and Connecticut pewter, trunks, band boxes and children’s toys.

Tools and Equipment

Farming and building equipment, medical instruments, military equipment, Hervey Brooks’ potting wheel and slitting stone, looms, spinning wheels, yarn winders, carding combs and sewing machines.

Historical Artifacts

Other objects of historic interest.

Art (14 more)

Portraits of the town's families. Also, works collected by Litchfield families, as well as by artists who have lived or worked in Litchfield.

Photography (From the Ingraham Library)

Documentary images of town life. Also, portraits.

Manuscripts (From the Ingraham Library)

Letters, diaries, journals, account books and personal papers of local residents. More information is availbale through our finding aids.