Litchfield Law School Students

MORE THAN 1,100 students attended the school before it closed in 1833. The distinguished list includes two vice-presidents, 101 United States congressmen, twenty-eight United States senators, six cabinet members, three justices of the United States Supreme Court, fourteen governors and thirteen chief justices of state supreme courts. Many more held state and local political office, while a large number became leaders of the nation's emerging mercantile, industrial, and banking establishments. More than a dozen students of the Litchfield Law School founded university law schools and many became university presidents.

A complete list of students who attended the Litchfield Law School did not survive the school. Also, because the students did not graduate or receive diplomas, no graduation records were kept. The following list was compiled from a variety of sources, including notebooks, diaries, and letters kept by the students themselves and fragmentary lists kept by the teachers. New research continues to uncover previously unknown students.

If you are a descendant of a Litchfield Law School student or have materials that may pertain to the school, please contact the Litchfield Historical Society.

Each name in this list is followed by the year that the student attended the school. In some cases, students’ tenure at the school included parts of two calendar years. In most of these cases, the year listed is when the student left the school.

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The Historical Society has also made a database containing all of the students known to have attended the Litchfield Law School and the Litchfield Female Academy. It includes biographical information, portraits, photographs, finding aids for archival collections, and information about objects and documents in other collections. Visit The Ledger to learn more.