Donate to the Collection

What does the Historical Society collect?
The Society operates the Litchfield History Museum, the Tapping Reeve House & Litchfield Law School, and the Helga J. Ingraham Memorial Library.

Collections support these three functions and contribute to understanding the history of Litchfield from its founding to the present day. Litchfield includes the center village, Bantam, Northfield, Milton, Morris, and East Litchfield, and the Society seeks to document all areas of town.

The majority of the museum and library collections were donated as gifts.
The Historical Society does occasionally purchase items either from auctions, antique dealers, or private donors but the majority of the collection was given to the museum through the generous donations of local patrons. It is through this continued patronage that the Society’s collections are able to grow.

The museum and library collections comprise the backbone of the institution.
The staff generates all of the exhibitions, publications, educational and public programs, and special events from the Society’s collections. They provide evidence of the past and enable us to make direct connections to our ancestors and predecessors.

Your donation will be properly cared for and preserved in perpetuity for future generations.
With staff and volunteers constantly working to input information into the collection databases, the majority of the permanent collection is now publicly accessible, helping the Historical Society become a resource for researchers, students, and museum professionals on an international level. The Historical Society provides an environmentally-controlled, secure storage and exhibition environment for its collections. The staff of the museum and library is professionally trained with advanced degrees in their fields of study.

Please visit our online collection databases to see how your donation is made accessible to others.

To see if your donation is a good fit for the Historical Society’s collections, please contact us. For 3-D objects and artwork, contact the Curator of Collections at  For books, papers, photos and other paper items, contact the Curator of Library and Archives at You can also call us at 860-567-4501.